2018 Winter
Off Ice Strength & Conditioning 
Prerequisite - Passed USFSA Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field Test

Eligible skaters must have passed Pre-Pre MIF and be age 10-18

Mondays: 12/18, 1/8, 1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12


Time of class: 2:45-4:00

Location: Nantucket Intermediate School Gymnasium

Nantucket Cycling and Fitness Center, 25 Young's Way 


Portion of this class will be subsidized by the Bill Belichick Foundation Grant

Cost is $60 for the six classes, registration is for the complete session

Sign Ups must be completed in either online or in person by Sunday, December 17, on a first come, first serve basis

and is limited to 15 skaters 

– no drop ins will be available due to the structure of the class


 Off Ice Strength & Conditioning Class Description

Classes to be taught by: Kris Beebe and Robin Manning


This class is based off the basic principles of the USFSA S.T.A.R.S. program.  Once the 'naturally talented' skaters reach a level at which double jumps and difficult spins are required, the natural ability will only take them so far. A skater’s core strength and plyometric strength requirements in the sport of figure skating are significant, and at some point, a skater needs to build strength beyond what he or she naturally has.  This class is for figure skaters who are serious about progressing their on-ice skills at a faster pace and want and need to handle the strength demands of jumping, spinning, and longer programs.


Students will learn and understand the importance of all the components a skater needs to be successful:

·         Core strength and stability​-Must have a strong core to maintain balance, check rotation with spins and maintain tight air position for jumping, control the upper body position during footwork, stroking, and crossovers

·         Balance​- Almost all skating is done on one foot.

·         Strength and Power-​ For speed, higher jumps, longer and faster spins, more stable landings, improves endurance to skate through a whole program, strength is the number one necessity for a skater to improve and become consistent.

·          Flexibility​- From basic elements to the more advanced, all require a certain muscle length to be performed correctly. Muscle flexibility controls the angle of the joints on a jump take-off and landing-any deficit can affect the quality of the jump. Each joint in your body needs a balance of flexibility on all sides. If there is an imbalance of muscle length, there is a higher risk of injury.

Class Specifics

·         Each class will be limited to 15 skaters to provide the best one on one evaluation and instruction

·         First Session will be a participant evaluation and goal setting session

·         Each class will include a warm-up, strength and endurance, and cool down with static flexibility

Sign Up
Email includes link to website and pdf of registration form.
 All participants must sign up online or in person. 
Completed forms can be emailed to nantucketskatingclub@comcast.net
or delivered to the dropbox at the rink office. 
Sign up is on a First Come/First Serve Basis - Limit of 15 skaters per class 
Due to the structure of the class, no drop ins will be available 
Class Price 
NSC will subsidize a portion of the class with funds received from the Bill Belichick Foundation Grant 
The remaining cost is $60.00 for the complete session of classes.
Payment will be due at your first class.

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