Hyline Travel For Advanced Skaters

In an effort to assist our more advanced Nantucket Skating Club members in obtaining additional ice time while refining their technique and skills through advanced lessons and classes not currently available on island, the Nantucket Skating Club BOD has entered into an agreement with the Hyline to pass on our significantly discounted travel rates to these skaters’ families.  The Hyline is a very important partner of NSC and we rely on them and our positive relationship to travel to and from Nantucket at reasonable rates.  Because of this, our board has refined a set of guidelines, which has been approved by the Hyline, that will make this opportunity accessible to our families while also assisting the Hyline with oversight of these accounts.


Protocol for setting up Sub-Accounts of NSC for Travel and Reservations

·         Skater’s Parents who wish to set up a sub-account of NSC need to send an emailed letter to both Dee Forand and Nantucket Skating Club (nantucketskatingclub@gmail.com) stating the advanced figure skating classes or private lessons they will be traveling off island for, what rinks they plan on frequenting and their coaches’ name(s). 

·         They will need to provide in that email a letter of reference from their off island coach, also stating what classes/lessons they will be taking

·         The President of Nantucket Skating Club will review all submissions and send approval/disapproval to Dee Forand.  Dee will not set up any accounts without NSC approval.  If a portion of a submission is problematic, it may be brought in front of the board for discussion or reviewed in person with the skaters parents. (process may take up to 2 weeks)

·         Once a sub-account is approved, the skater’s parents will be alerted by email by NSC President and at that time they will be able to make reservations.

Protocol for making Reservations on a Sub-Account

·         All reservations must be sent to Dee Forand no later than 12:00 noon on Friday prior to the week you will be traveling.  

·         Only Nantucket Skating Club skaters with their own family sub-accounts are able to take advantage of the reduced rate

·         There may only be 1 chaperone per reservation

·         For Reservation, an email must be sent to Dee Forand and Nantucket Skating Club giving:

o   The skater(s) and chaperone names, boat dates and times of reservations needed

o   The coach the skater will be practicing with and the rink they will be skating at

·         The NSC president will review and email Dee if this is approved.  If it is not approved, the NSC President will email back to Dee and the parent explaining why.  This removes the HyLine from having to police our skaters and their use of this privilege.


Notes and Guidelines for Use

·         This is a privilege extended to Nantucket Skating Club members regularly and frequently traveling off island for advanced figure skating private lessons and regularly scheduled advanced figure skating classes not available on Nantucket to develop the levels of skaters we have within our Nantucket Skating Club membership

·         This is not an opportunity available to a casual traveler

·         This is not an opportunity available for competitions or test sessions

o   NSC is reviewing our policies for competitions/test sessions and may soon offer reimbursement for a portion of competition or test session fees (to be determined, no time line set)

o   If traveling to competitions or test sessions, you may book reduced rate travel through the HyLine coordinator, Becky Mack, if you have 3 or more skaters with 5 days advance notice.

o   If traveling off island for skating while our ice is unavailable, you may book reduced rate travel through the HyLine coordinator, Becky Mack, if you have 3 or more skaters with 5 days advance notice.

·         This is not an opportunity available to skaters seeking similar skating coaching or classes offered already at Nantucket Ice

·         Skaters’ families wishing to continue or begin participating in this program must follow all reservation and sign up protocol.  If a skater’s family does not follow the respectful protocols set forth, their privilege may be revoked at the suggestion of the president and approval of the board.

·         This opportunity is not available for skaters practicing or trying out for a non-NSC team.


Policy Amended 6/8/16 

For more information, please email the club at nantucketskatingclub@gmail.com

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