Nantucket Skating Club
Membership Information
 You must to be a current member in good standing in order to renew membership, test, compete, and receive member discounts for classes.

 Members in Good Standing:

·       Agree to pay all financial obligations to club on time

·       Agree to fulfill their volunteer commitments

·       Agree to participate in annual meetings and social events

·       Agree to conduct themselves in an ethical manner and in the best interest of NSC


Individual/Introductory Skating Membership

·         Represent Nantucket Skating Club when competing and testing. NSC is your USFSA Home Club

·         US Figure Skating Membership

·         Participate in NSC shows and exhibitions

·         Testing privileges on all NSC test sessions at member rates

·         Voting rights and eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors for full members over the age of 18 (one parent delegate for those under 18)

·         Reimbursement of a portion of competition and test fees

·         Participation in Social Events

·         Be eligible for club awards, grants and scholarships

·         Reduced rates for NSC Sponsored Classes

·         1 Complimentary show ticket for skaters participating in our annual spring show

Collegiate Skating Membership

·         Four year membership which entitles member to all benefits of Individual Skating Member

·         Member must be enrolled in college or university

·         May only apply for Collegiate Skating Membership once, but does not need to be done in freshman year

·         Additional Family Skating Membership

·         All privileges and responsibilities of Individual Skating Membership

·         May be attached to an Individual Skating Membership or Associate Skating Membership

Non-Skating Adult Membership

·         For a non-skating adult (18 years or older) whose home club is Nantucket Skating Club

·         US Figure Skating Magazine

·         Voting rights, Eligible to serve on Board of Directors

·         Participation in Social Events

Professional Membership

·         For USFSA officials or USFSA professionals

·         All coaches must have prior approval of the Board of Directors/Program Director to instruct during NSC Classes

·         Teaching Privileges on Nantucket Ice for NSC

·         Assists with club shows and exhibitions

·         Supports test sessions, club sponsored shows, exhibitions, social events and competitions

·         Voting rights

Associate Skating Membership

·         Skater’s primary affiliation is with another USFSA club. Skater does not represent NSC when competing and testing

·         Participate in NSC Shows and Exhibitions in group numbers only

·         Testing privilege on all NSC test sessions at member rates

·         No Voting rights, not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors

·         Participate in Social Events

·         Reduced rate on NSC classes and clinics with the Exception of Nantucket Edge Clinics


  **Membership to Nantucket Skating Club is required for all Board of Directors**

**All Team Managers and Board Members are required by USFSA to be NSC Members themselves and complete Safe Sport Certification**


**Volunteer commitment is required for all membership categories except Collegiate**




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