Covid-19 Information



Safety Protocols and Facility Operations

for Nantucket Skating Club at Nantucket Ice

(revised 7.2.20)

Maximum number allowed on OFS ice (as of 6/30/2020) is 12 including any coaches.

Remember to contact NI office to reserve your space. Call 508-228-2516 or email



 Before you arrive:

 The rink has been cleaned and sanitized and is following all safety protocol mandated by the State guidelines.

 Masks/face coverings are required at all times in the Lobby and Arena area but NOT on the ice. Skaters will remove masks after putting on skates.

 Skaters must come dressed – no changing in the facility.

 No transpacks or Zuca bags, etc. A small tote, drawstring or backpack is allowed for skates only.

 Skaters will enter the facility no more than ten minutes earlier than start of session.

 Skaters will be required to provide current contact information the first time they enter the facility. Sign in is required at each session.

 One skater, one chaperone allowed in the facility for a session.


Entering facility/ice surface:

Skaterwill be required to enter the facility through designated door.

 Skaters and or Coaches will not be permitted to hang out in the bench or other areas,

 Skaters will be directed to take a seat in the arena in the designated area, put their skates on and get on the ice immediately using the first bench “enter here” instructions.


 At end of session skaters will be required to exit the ice immediately using the second bench "exit here" instructions (signs will be posted),

 Skaters will move to their designated chair, put their masks back on, remove their skates, put on their shoes and leave the facility within ten minutes no exceptions.


General Information:

 Coach/skater or parent consultations must conducted outside the facility.

 There is one designated locker room bathroom for hygiene purposes only, no changing or loitering, one person at a time.

 Warming/concession area and nearby bathrooms are closed until further notice.

 Siam to Go will continue to operate with “curbside” pickup only using the exterior window of the skate room. Order by phone or online and pickup outside the rink at the designated window.

 Entry into the business office area is restricted to Nantucket Ice staff only to maintain a safe zone. Any questions can be asked through the glassed (shuttered) window of the business office or the plexiglassed skate rentals room.